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Have you ever wondered why some people get the support they need while others struggle to be heard?  Do you prepare for every important conversation in a way that ensures you will succeed?  Do you want to be more influential at work and in your life?

Influence, what it really means and how to make it work for you will show you how to:

  • Prepare for every important conversation so you can get to that important ‘yes’
  • See the world from the other person’s perspective and eliminate conflict
  • Understand how to influence different personality styles
  • Learn the hidden skill of influence.

Who’s it for?

Leaders, managers and anyone who needs to influence others to achieve business results.

What will it help you do better?

  • Improve your personal influence and impact at work
  • Increase your confidence and credibility when dealing with stakeholders
  • Achieve the results you want by persuading others to support you

We give you a structured method to prepare when you need to persuade someone to support your ideas, provide additional resources or help you achieve your goals. We use a mixture of theory, practical exercises, reflection and group work so you can apply theory straight away, practise new skills and build your toolkit for personal influence.

What they told us

"On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for all the inspiration and valuable advice that you have given to us during the training. We have very much benefited from the guidance and energy that you have given to us".
Head of Communications, R&D Unilever

Breakthrough Conversations

Do you need to have conversations at work that unblock problems, generate creative solutions and raise people’s performance?  Do you ever wonder why so many meetings feel like a huge drain on your time and fail to drive action?  Would your business improve if you knew how to generate breakthrough conversations at work?

How to create breakthrough conversations will show you how to:

  • Create the conditions to enable people to generate breakthrough thinking
  • Build a culture of ease, collaboration and equality in teams
  • Prepare for those important conversations to improve performance and increase motivation.

We help you diagnose your current practice and show you a practical and simple way to structure conversations to achieve breakthrough thinking. You will learn about the neuroscience of deep listening and how to increase ease, deepen attention and use questions to expand thinking. You will leave knowing how to have conversations that give you new ways of thinking about old problems.

Who’s it for?

Leaders, managers and anyone who needs to deliver results in collaboration with others.

What will it help you do better?

  • Generate breakthrough thinking in every important business conversation
  • Chair meetings that generate the very best solutions
  • Improve the performance and motivation of those you manage
  • Build a culture that is more inclusive, creative and focused on achieving results.

What they told us

"Jenny delivered a game-changing workshop on how to listen to stimulate people’s best thinking and make the most out of meetings so that the decisions made and actions agreed during them are of the highest quality. She is an exceptional communicator, an excellent facilitator and an empowering coach. She cuts through the clutter with a razor sharp mind and contagious dynamism. What she teaches is subtle and yet powerful. Prepare for your day to day interactions at work to be transformed.”
Manager British Gas

Communicate with Impact

We started with a question: why don't more companies just say what they mean when talking to their employees? And then we wondered why business information is often is so losng-winded and – dare we say it – dull? You want your employees to understand where your business is going, and how they can help you get there, so it's best to tell them straight.

Communicate with Impact will show you how to communicate in a way that is personal and direct with impact and clarity – so that your people know you mean business. The workshop covers:

  • A simple and powerful message map you can apply to all your messages
  • The neuroscience behind storytelling and why emotions drive decisions not logic
  • How to communicate so that people rally to your cause
  • The power of simplicity, structure and simple language  

This is a practical workshop where participants bring along an important communication challenge to work on. We apply theory and best practice to help you uncover new ways to engage the audience.

Who’s it for?

Communication professionals, HR managers and anyone who needs to communicate with maximum impact.

We customise this workshop for senior leaders who need to develop a compelling story of change and for middle managers to help them support and embed change across the business.

What will it help you do better?

  • Communicate to actively shape the future of the organisation
  • Design messages that motivate your audience to support your cause
  • Become a leader who can communicate authentically and inspire others

What they told us

"The workshop and coaching developed my skills and confidence to communicate effectively. My messages are now noticeably more concise and tailored to the audience. The coaching sessions enabled me to practice my skills and change the way I communicate. I fully endorse the course and the approach".
Programme Manager, Invensys


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